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  • Permits, licenses, authorizations and concessions
  • Land use, construction and advertising.
  • Administrative sanctions, such as fines and closures.
  • Taxes, fees, etc.
  • Patrimonial responsibility of the administrative authorities, state, municipal, and federal.
  • Conventions
  • Litigation
  • Trading Companies
  • Credit Titles

There are rules governing the links between private companies and the governing state, inevitable in all legal field; for many companies, it is cumbersome to have every detail of administrative links which are required by law to establish a legal business with the government, knowing what permits are needed.

Esposito & Asociados deals with this aspect, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that their professionals are fully embedded in the rules and applicable legislation.Thus, aware of the inevitable interaction between individuals and government, at all levels, the firm specializes in providing legal advice in Administrative Law, which involves the following legal and unavoidable areas across any properly installed Company.